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  • When should I begin contacting moving companies for free moving estimates?
  • How do we work?
  • What services do we offer?
  • How reliable are we?
  • How do we commit to you?
  • How do I prepare my home and myself for the moving day?
When should I begin contacting moving companies for free moving estimates?

You should start contacting moving companies for free moving estimates from the moment when you decide to move from one place to another.

So, once you are sure that you will leave your current home or office, you should contact a few moving companies and ask for free moving estimates. Professional companies like Door 2 Door Movers will provide such estimates without any hassles.

They have the necessary experience and knowledge and they can easily come up with your guaranteed estimate.

How do we work?

As the name of our company suggests, we are door to door Orlando Movers. Our main objective is to provide hassle-free, simple moving and that’s why we have made this process as simple as possible.

First of all, you can ask for a free moving quote and we will deliver this quote in no time. If everything is alright, we will set a date for the relocation together.

The clients that have selected our full package can expect our guys to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack their things in their new home. Our clients can choose to skip some of these steps.

What services do we offer?

Door 2 Door is one of the leading movers in Orlando area and as such, we provide a wide array of moving services. For starters, we have local moving services for all clients who want to move from one place in Orlando to another.

Those who want to move to another part of Florida or in a different state can use our long distance moving services. Besides the residential moving services we also have office moving services. We have the same door-to-door approach for office moving tasks too.

Finally, we also have packing services which have proven to be very helpful for many people. Our Orlando movers are qualified and trained for packing too and we use high-quality packing materials in this process.

How reliable are we?

When hiring a moving company, you must be sure that you are dealing with a reliable team of movers because otherwise, your moving experience can turn into a nightmare.

Door 2 Door is a very reliable moving company and we have more than one reason to claim this. Our company is working together with the clients to ensure the best possible moving experience.

No project is too small or too big for us and we are trying to set long-lasting relationships with our clients. There are many positive reviews on the Internet that can confirm how reliable we are.

We will be glad to have you as another satisfied client.

How do we commit to you?

If you select Door 2 Door, you can rest assured that you have established a connection with a reliable and reputable company.

We are providing detailed and precise quotes that can help you get a clearer picture of what you’ll get from us. We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable, trained and qualified movers that will do their best to finish this task in the best possible way.

We are also an insured company, so you don’t have to worry about that.

How do I prepare my home and myself for the moving day?

This is a very good question especially for those who want to have a smooth moving process. Before we arrive at your location, you can do a few things that can help both your family and us.

First of all, you can remove all the things that you don’t need. You can sell them or donate them.

Next, you should determine whether you have some special items that need special care in your home. Ask us whether we can move these things or not.

If you are not planning on using our packing services, you should find packing materials and start packing. Make sure to add labels to each box. If you have
kids or pets, talk to them a few days before the moving day. They must be prepared because otherwise this can cause traumatic experiences and moving to a new home should be a positive experience.

Finally, be punctual. Be in your home or office when the movers arrive and follow them to your new place.



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